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  • Available in Kenya January 2023
  • Limited stock available  
  • 1 year factory warranty on electrical parts and battery 



  • Nyuki Sport 433Wh Ksh. 99.999

    Our Sport model without carriers, kickstand or mudguards 

  • Nyuki Sport 644Wh Ksh. 109.999

    Sport model with a larger battery capacity 

  • Nyuki Courrier 433Wh Ksh. 109.999

    Our Courrier model including rear carrier and kickstand 

  • Nyuki Courrier 644Wh Ksh. 119.999

    Courrier model with larger battery capacity 


  • 433Wh Lithium-ion battery
    Ksh. 24.999

    Has a range of 40-50KM

  • 644Wh Lithium Ion battery Ksh. 29.999

    Has a range of 70-80KM


  • Rear carrier Ksh. 4.999

    Can carry a pay-load up to 40KG 

  • Front carrier Ksh. 2.999

    Can carry a payload up to 15KG 

  • Mudguards  Ksh. 2.000

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  • Kickstand  Ksh. 3.000

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  • Rear view mirror  Ksh. 1.500

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  • Phone holder Ksh. 1.000

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  • Helmet  Ksh. 2.000

  • Add a description here

  • Combination lock  Ksh. 1.500

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