Thank you for choosing eBee as your mobility partner. In case of an questions please contact us on: 


P: +254 709 155 501

Find our Serviced Rental price list here​ and service T&Cs here. 

Please read the agreement below. 


A rental that always keeps your fleet moving. At a starting price of just 2.375

Kes/week exclusive of VAT we provide you with unlimited use of:

● 1x eBee electrical bicycle

● 1x XL Battery + Charger

● 1x Helmet

● 1x Lock + 1 Key

● And service!

All goods delivered under the contract are on a rental basis, this means that all goods

will need to be returned to eBee at the end of the contract. Goods not returned or

returned damaged, will be charged at cost.


eBee serviced rental is only available for businesses that comply with the following


1. Are in the possession of a Business registration certificate

2. Are in the possession of a KRA PIN (a Business pin or personal PIN with VAT


3. The business is located with a physical location in Nairobi county and the

Business has its operations within Nairobi county’s boundaries.

4. Customer will pay for deposit and first rental period in full before the rental

5. Must present the riders to eBee training center before Leasing period


6. Pass eBees KYBP(Know your Business Partner)

7. eBee has the right to KYC all riders presented for training and black list any rider

not passing the eBee KYC


Please request a quote from one of our sales agent for current pricing or call 0706 777

888 for more information.


Our rental duration is for a minimum of 3 months. After the first 3 months, the rental

can be canceled at 1 month notice.


For weekly payments, a deposit of 5,000KES per bike is required. For monthly rentals,

no deposit is required. This deposit is non-negotiable and needs to be transferred in

full before the rental starts. It is not possible to pay the deposit in installments. The

deposit will be used in case of damages to the bike or accessories. The deposit will be

returned in full if the bike is returned to eBee at the end of the rental in good condition.


What is included in the e-bike service?

● Electrical failure during normal operations

● All repairs and maintenance due to wear and tear under normal usages. This


​o brakes

​o gears

​o tyres

● Lubrication and cleaning of parts

● Swapping of e-bicycle: if eBee is not capable of repairing or servicing a bike

within 24 hours (excluding Sundays) from the bike arriving at the service

station, the customer will be issued with a replacement bike.

● A customer must always come to the eBee service station for servicing. eBee

will not pick-up bikes for repair (even in cases of Accidents). Otherwise the Cost

of transportation will be cross charged to the clients account.

What is NOT included?

● Management or hiring of riders for eBee bikes

● Charging or swapping of batteries

● Overnight storage of bikes

● Damage and cost because of an accident (total loss) or theft (please see

paragraphs for Damage and Theft).

● Damage and cost because of careless use of the bike, (please see paragraph of

Damage and Theft).

● It’s not allowed to make modifications to the bike.

● eBee only services the bike when customer paid all the invoices

● eBee does not offer roadside service unless there is absolutely no other way

for the bike to come back to the eBee service center. This means the bike can't

be cycled with battery, can't be cycled normally without battery, or can't be

pushed by hand while walking. This means that we only pick-up a bike if there

has been a major accident that makes the bike absolutely unrideable.

● eBee does not offer any roadside assistance or any maintenance outside of

Nairobi county (see service area paragraph).

● eBee's service promise is to fix the bike (or swap for a new one) within 24 hours

of the bike arriving at the service station. Customers are not entitled to any

reimbursement or refunds within those 24 hours.

Theft and loss

All eBee bikes are fitted with a tracker and remote power cut-off, which means we

have visibility and can track bikes once they are reported stolen or lost. The following

procedure needs to be followed once a bike or parts of the bike (including battery) have

been notified as stolen or lost:

● The customer has to report the bike as stolen to eBee immediately by calling

+254 746 249 479.

● eBee will then share the live location of the bike and switch the bike off.

● The customer will have 48 hours from the moment the bike is reported as stolen

to locate and retrieve the bike.

In case the bike is not retrieved within 48 hours from report of being stolen:

● The customer has to report the bike as stolen and retrieve a police extract.

● If the customer is not able to present a valid police report of the stolen items

within 72 hours from the theft being notified, the customer will have to pay

100% of the value of the bike or stolen parts.

● In the case of theft of the battery while it was not locked. Customers will be

responsible for 100% of the cost. All keys will have to be handed over to eBee

to prove that the battery was locked.

● If the customer can show a valid police report the customer will bear the risk of

50% of the value of the bike. Values of the various parts are listed below.


● The customer is 100% responsible for damages as a result of accidents by the

rider of the bike.

● The customer is 100% responsible for damages as a result of careless or

reckless driving by the rider of the bike.

● Included in the fee is only:

​○ Electrical failure during normal operations

​○ All repairs and maintenance due to wear and tear under normal usages.

This includes: brakes, gears, tyres

​○ Lubrication and cleaning of parts

● Any other damages or repairs will be invoiced the customer accordingly

The cost for repair and replacement for the most common repairs are as follows:

Use of the bike

● It is mandatory for Riders to always wear a helmet and reflective vests while

riding the bike. If riders are spotted without these safety measures, the bike will

be repossessed.

● When the bike is idle for more than one hour, the battery should be removed

from the bike. If the battery is not removed and the battery.

● Always shift to a lower gear before a traffic light or hill to increase energy


● Increase the range of the bike by cycling in mid or lower support modes

● Abide by all traffic rules and regulations

● Keep tire pressure at 2.5bar constantly. Check and pump your tires regularly.

● Don’t carry more than 50KGs of payload on the bike. Don’t carry passengers on

the bike.